Gorgeous sweaters!

Hi everyone! I was watching old Indiana Jones movies the other day and wondered, Who is this actress, and what else has she done? Karen Allen (Marion Ravenwood in Raiders of the Lost Ark) has actually done alot of work as an actress, but she also makes gorgeous sweaters – Handmade, cashmere, delightful sweaters! Check her out http://www.karenallen-fiberarts.com/home.php  -EG

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The birth of a jewelry maker

When I was just 12 or thirteen, I had the opportunity to live with my Aunt Jean for the summer to help out with her new twin babies. While there, I was given the enviable task of organizing her jewelry boxes. Aunt Jean is a stylish gal with a thing for colorful costume pieces, so as a youngster I was just dazzled! I also got to take all the broken and mismatched pieces home and try to ‘fix’ them. Hahaha! Anyway, this experience was the birth of a jewelry maker. I would not actually begin making jewelry until I was thirty-something, but I was forever changed.  – EG

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Hi! I am Earringgirl. Keep your eye out in the days to come as I blog on jewelry and all things style.

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